Thursday, April 11, 2019

How to Free hard disk data recovery | how to recover corrupted files from usb | #Behtreen_Khabar

How to Free hard disk data recovery | how to recover corrupted files from usb

Data Recovery Services:-

Friends, we sometimes lose our important data,Then we look for the data recovery service so that our important data can get us back,But for that we have to pay a lot of money because no data recovery service is available for free,But today we have brought some software for you that will give you free data recovery services.

Data Recovery Service
Free Data Recovery Service

How to Find the Best Data Recovery Service Free ????

However, in today's day, nothing is impossible.Whatever we search through the internet, we get it very easily.Just like we find the best data recovery service through the internet, we get very good results.Today, we will talk about the same results from now and will also learn how to get back their imported data.

How To Recover Deleted Data From Hard Disk & Pen Drive SD Card ??

Many times we keep our important data in a hard disk pen drive or SD card.But after a few days the hard disk pen drive or SD card is crypt-free for some reason.Because of which we lose our important data, because after the corrupt, we have to format those hard disk pen drives and SD cards.So today we will learn to recover data from the formatted hard disk pendrive and SD card.

Recuva - Software for data recovery

By the way, you will find so many software that you can easily get your lost data back again.But the software we will talk about today is named Recuva.You will find it on the internet with very ease.The important thing about this software is that it gives you back the hard disk  pen drives and the deleted data from the SD cards with very ease.Download this software through the download link and get it back with your deleted data very easily by installing it according to the operating system of your computer.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Never make mistakes ||while using the Internet in computers and smartphones.|| Behtreen Khabar

Never make mistakes ||while using the Internet in computers and smartphones.|| Behtreen Khabar

Friends Whenever we use the Internet in our laptop computer and smartphone, then we make small mistakes every time,So Never make mistakes ||while using the Internet in computers and smartphones.|| Behtreen Khabar,If you do not make these mistakes while using the Internet then you will be protected from the loss,We can not pay attention to these mistakes and we make these mistakes very easily,Our account Our website is hacked by hackers with very ease,So if we do not do these mistakes, then with very ease we can save our account from hacking.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Most Useful Free Websites | Which you should see once.

Most Useful Free Websites | Which you should see once.

Computer & internet User Must Know Most Useful Free Websites,This website will help you in every way,And the most interesting thing is that we can use these websites for free,Today we will know what content is there to help us in these websites?,How will this website help us?,And what are the names of these websites?,So let's know.

Most Useful Free Websites
Most Useful Free Websites

#First Website 

Friends, many times we are worried about how to remove the background of our photos,Many people use Photoshop to remove photo background,But many people do not have to use Photoshop,It is difficult for them to remove the background of their photos,But today I'm going to name the name of a website that we can easily remove the background of  photo.The Name Is

How to Use ?

This website can be used with very ease,All you have to do is upload your photo to this website and this website very easily removes the background of your photo.

#Second Website 

If you are interested in reading the books,So this website will help you a lot,Friends, many times in the Internet world, we can not find the book we were looking for,And if you get it then we have to pay a lot of money,Friends, if you have a passion to read,So this website will help you,You can download whatever book you have through this website,And for this you do not have to pay any money,Just go to this website find your book and download it for free.


This website is for those who make online videos, write articles or blogging,We need creative common images for our website,So that we do not have any copyrighted content on our website,So both of these websites can be helpful for you,Because on these two websites you can download any image free.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Why Google says Your page is not mobile friendly ??

Why Google says Your page is  not mobile friendly ??

Friends, if you write a blog, then you will know how important a mobile friendly is in the blog, if you use Google's Webmaster Tools? So you have seen many times you have been told by a mail from Google that Your page is  not mobile friendly ?? So why does it happen and how to make your page mobile friendly.
Why Google says Your page is  note mobile friendly ??

how to post long video on instagram story 2019

How to post long video on instagram story 2019 

Friends, we also think that how to post long video on instagram , Because we can not post longer videos on Instagram story, If someone puts their video in Instagram or if that video is longer, Then the instagram  cuts it down,Therefore, the main part in the video is not visible,And we could not tell what we wanted to tell through that video,The only solution is this problem is  that we split our video into different parts, So we have to face a lot of trouble, But we have solved this problem, And we want to share this solution with you,So what is the solution to this problem? Let's know, 

Monday, January 14, 2019

What is Instagram ? and how to use Instagram 2019 ?

What is Instagram ? and How to use Instagram ?

Hello Friends Aaj hum Instagram ? ke bare me janege, or yeh bhi janege ke iska istemaal kaise karna hai :-What is Instagram ? and how to use Instagram ? Instagram ko download kaise karna hai yeh bhi hum sikhenge , to aaiye jante hai instagram ke bare me ,
What is Instagram ? and how to use Instagram ?
What is Instagram ?

Friends instagram bahut hi acha social Networking platform hai,yeh bahut hi kamaal ka ek story base platform hai, friends jb isko Mike Krieger ne October 2010 mein launch kiya to ise sirf IOS device ke liye launch kiya gaya tha, parantu uske baad ise Android ke liye 2012 tk launch kiya gaya, friends yeh behtreen platform aapki story create karne ke liye hi bnaya gaya tha, jaise konse waqt me aap kya kar rahe hai uski jankaari aap apne friends tk picture upload karke bta sake, friends 2019 tk isme bahut se badlav kiye gaye .

How to Download Instagram in IOS or Android Device ?

Friends instagram app ko download karne ke liye aapko Android device me play store me jana hoga or type karna hoga , instagram or instagram app ko bhut hi aasani se download kar lena hai, isi trh aapko IOS (iphone or ipad)mein App Store me jakar instagram search karke download karna hoga.

How to use Instagram ?
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Friends instagram app ko istemaal karne ke liye aapko ise download kar lena hai , or install kr lena hai , ise Sign in 2 tariko se kar sakte hai , 

First:- Facebook Account friends agar aapke pass aapka facebook account hai to aap facebook ke sath ise sign in kr lijiye , isme aapko yeh fayda ho jayega ke aapke jitne bhi facebook ke friends hai wo aapko bhut hi aasani ke sath isme mil jayenge , or unke pass bhi aapki notification pahuch jayegi or wo aapko follow kar lenge, 

Second:- Gmail Account Friends agar aapke pass gmail account hai to aap gmail se bhi instagram ko sign in kr sakte hai.