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how to put ads on my website and get paid ?

How to put ads on my website and get paid

Hello friends Welcome to the Behtreen Khabar! Today we will tell you about the ads of Google Adsense, and Today we will learn how to put ads on my website and get paid ,Those who are new bloggers do not know where to place Google Adsense Ads on their website,Most people say that there are no high CPC Ads shows on their website, what is the reason why they do not have much earning on their website?,The reason for this is that some people do not advertise the right place on their website,Today we will discuss about the Google AdSense Ad Unit and also know where to (Ads Code)place it on our website, we can profit and we can earn better than this,Let's know|

how to put ads on my website and get paid ?,how to put ads on website for free,ads for website,
how to put ads on my website and get paid ?

How to put ads on my website and get paid

Friends, I have already written an article about how to put Google Adsense's Ad Code to your website,First you read my article so you can understand it to put google ads on your blogger website - Google ads code ,As I told you that today we will try to know about different ADS units,So that we know better about the ad unit of Google AdSense,So that we could understand how to put ads on my website and get paid ?,

What Type of Ad of Google Adsense  ?
  • Text And Display Ad
  • Matched Content Ad
  • In- Feed Ad
  • Article Ad

Text And Display Ad 

Text and display ad is the most common ad-on for Google Adsense,Most people use Text and display ad because its CPC is very high and it is also good to look at,It is mostly used as a banner and as a side bar.

Matched Content Ad

This Google Adsense ad-on is only visible in our Google AdSense account after having more traffic on our website,Because this is the best ad-on, it automatically shows ads according to the content of your website,If you have a large amount of traffic on your website, then Google Adsense allows you to add this ad.

In - Feed Ad

We often see that the ads which appear below our posts and according to the contents of our post, the ads appear, which are almost related to our posts, and that ads appear in our post feed,Which is also called inline ad in simple language,To apply this, we have to put the ads code inside the inline ads in the HTML settings of our theme,The CPC of this ad  is very high.

Article Ad

When we write an article for our website,The ads that appear in the middle of that article ,This type of advertisement is called an article ad.This ad is similar to the content of our post,That is why it is possible that our rearning gets better when we apply the article ad,Compared to text and display ads and matched content, Article Ad CPC is not so high,Because it looks as per the content of our post, so the possibility of more clicks is generated and we get good earning.

With this mistake, you can Lose the Google Adsense account.

With this mistake, you can Lose the Google Adsense account.

Friends Aap Is Galti ke karan apna Google Adsense ka account badi hi aasani ke sath kho sakte hai, ji ha dosto aapne bilkul thik suna, kayi baar hum jyada CPC (Cost-per-click) High karne ke liye yeh galti kar dete hai , jiske karan unhe apne adsense account se apne hath dhone padte hai, to aaiye jante hai yeh galtiya aakhir kyu hoti hai, or is galti se kaise bacha jaye,
With this mistake, you can Lose the Google Adsense account.
Friends itana to hum jaante hi hai ki Google Adsense paisa kmane ke liye bahut hi acha platform hai, agar sahi tarike se chla jaye to isse aap bhut jyada earning kar sakte hai, lekin kuch log you tube pr earning ke bahut sare galat tariko se anjaan hai or weh paisa kmane ke liye apne google adsense ke account ko ek minute me hi disable karwa lete hai, or fir unka account poore 1 mahine ke liye band ho jata hai, or kayi bar to google sda ke liye hi unka account band kar deta hai, to yeh kya galti hai to aaiye jante hai,

Invalid Click Or Invalid Activity
Friends itana to hame pta hi hai ki hmara google adsense account invalid Click ya invalid activity ke karan hi band hota hai,parantu yeh invalid click or invalid activity aakhir hai kya, aapko isko ache se samjhne ke liye sabse pehle CTR,CPC,CPM,RPM,Page View Or Impression in sbke bare me janna hoga to aaiye jante hai,

Google Adsense: Describing CTR, CPC, CPM, RPM, Page views & Impression

Full Forms
1.     CTR =Click-Through-Rate
2.     CPC =Cost-Per-Click
3.     CPM =Cost-per-Thousand
4.     RPM =Revenue per Thousand Impressions

 Hmari website/Blog pr jo ads hame dikhayi jaati hai , un ads pr jb click krke open kiya jata hai to use clicks kha jata hai, 

Impression jise hindi mein chaap bhi kha jata hai, jb koi aapki website pr aata hai to us visitor ko aapke contant ke sath sath ads dikhayi jaati hai, to us ads ki chaap ko hi impression kha jata hai, jb weh visitor aapke alag alag page pr jayega to use alag alag ads dikhayi padengi, to use hi impression kha jata hai,

Friends Ab hame in sbke bare me to pta chal gya parantu google hmare page views, page impression or click ki sankhya ko CTR dwara nirdharit karta hai, aaiye jante hai,

For example,
Let us suppose:Clicks = 5, Page Views = 500
Therefore,CTR = ( Clicks / Page Views ) * 100%CTR = ( 5 / 500 ) * 100%CTR = 1%

Friends is tarike ke hisaab se chalne pr aapka google adsense account kabhi bhi band nahi hoga , jaisa ki aap uper dekh hi rahe ho ke ,5 clicks , or page views 500, pr aapke din ka CTR kewal 1% hi hota hai, parantu jb hum paisa jyada kmane ke chakkar me jyada clicks karwate hai, to hmare adsense account ka CTR badhne lagega, or clicks jyada hone pr aapke page impression or impression bhi bahut jyada jaroori hai, agar sirf clicks hi honge to google ko lgega ki aap apne blog or website pr invalid activity karwa rahe ho, jiske chalte aapka CTR badhega or jb bhi aapka CTR 10% se uper hoga turant aapka account band kar diya jayega,

NOTE: Friends aapko CTR ki % pr dhyaan dena hai, agar kisi karan aapke Blog pr clicks ho rahe hai or impression nahi ho rahe to aapko turant Google ads ko apne blog se htana hoga, taki aapka account band na ho, or fir aap CTR manage karke dobara ads lga sakte hai.

How to Put or Place Google Adsense Ads Below All Post Titles in Blogger 2019

Hello friends aap sb kaise ho , friends hum sabhi jaante hai ke google adsense bahut hi acha platform hai paisa kmane ka, parantu hame yeh nahi pta hota ke apne google ads ko hame kha kha lgana hai, friends google ads ko sabse jyada post title par lgane se hi fayda hota hai,kyunki jb bhi koi visiter aapki post ko padhta hai to use post ke title ke sath hi google adsense ki ads jo ki aapki post ke sath hi match kar rahi hoti hai wo dikhayi de jaati hai or weh waha pr click kar deta hai , jisse company jiski ads show ho rahi hoti hai usko or aapko dono ko bahut acha fayda ho jata hai, parantu ab ek ek post ke title ke sath ads code lgane mein to bahut hi jyada waqt lagega , friends aapko maloom hai hum sirf ek setting karke apni sabhi post ke title ke sath ads code lga sakte hai,to aaiye jaante hai kaise.

How To Add Google Adsense Auto ads code On Blogger 2019

Hello Friends :How To Add Google Adsense Auto ads code On Blogger 2019 Aap sb kaise hai aasha karta hu ke aap sabhi ache hi honge, friends jaisa ki aapne title me padh hi liya hoga ke auto ads ke baare me aaj hum btayenge, friends aakhir yeh auto ads hai kya, or yeh kaise kaam karta hai, isse hame kya fayda hone wala hai, isse aakhir hmara traffic kaise badhega, to friends aaj hum aapko iske baare me sb kuch btayenge or yeh bhi btayenge ke ise kaise istemaal karna hai, or iske kya kya fayde aapko hone wale hai,to aaiye jaante hai.

how to put google ads on your blogger website - Google ads code 2019

Hello Friends aap sb kaise hai aasha karta hu ke aap sb ache honge, Friends ab hamne pichli post me Google Adsense ko apne blogger website ke sath kaise add karte hai wo sikha, ab hum yeh sikhenge ke ads code ko apne blogger website pr kaise dalte hai , kyunki dosto agar hum ads code ko apne blogger website mein nahi dalenge to ads show nahi hongi or hum paise kaise kmayenge, isliye hum aaj aapko btayenge ke google ads code ko kaise apne blogger website pr daalte hai , to aaiye dosto jante hai.

How to Link Blogger to Google AdSense Step by Step In Hindi - 2019

Hello Friends : Aap sab kaise hain aasha karta hu ke aap sabhi thik honge, sabse pehle aap sabhi ko happy new year friends, dosto hamne Blog bnana sikh liya ,Blog ko design karna sikh liya,Blog mein post kaise likhte hai yeh bhi hamne jaan liya,parantu apne hi blog se hum paise kaise kmaye yeh bhi janna bahut hi awashyak hai dosto,kyunki jab tk hum paise nahi kmayenge to hmara blog bnane ka kya fayda,isliye aaj hum yeh sikhenge ke Google Adsense ko apne blog ke sath jaise jodate hai,to aaiye dosto jaante hai.