Where to find high CPC keywords for blogging | high cpc keywords 2020

Where to find high CPC keywords:- A blogger should know very well what is  keywords, How to rank your blog or website in google first page,Because if you have come to find keywords then no one can stop you from getting your blog and website on the first page of Google,Now if the question is that  to get our blog or website ranked on the first page in Google, then we should come to understand the keywords,It is necessary to understand most three types of keywords in the definition of keywords, for example:-

  • High competition keywords
  • Low  competition keywords
  • High CPC keywords
Before we understand these three definitions of keywords, first of all we need to understand what is keyword ,Because we will know about keywords,  then we will be able to find good keywords for your blog and website.

Where to find high CPC keywords | Behtreen khabar | High CPC Keywords
where to find high cpc keywords for blogging

What is keywords ?

Keywords:- As you type in the search box in Google,(How many types of insurance)So you must have seen many times that keywords similar to insurance start appearing automatically in Google's search box,For example:-what is insurance policy,importance of insurance, How many types of insurance,Car insurance,what is NCB in insurance policy ,etc  the words that appear in these search box of google are called keywords,After understanding the keywords, we now understand their types.

  • High competition keywords:- The keyword which has a lot of competition and the search for these keywords in Google is very high, it is called high competition keywords,Or just say that a post written above the same keywords again and again is called High Competition Keywords,Writing blogs above high competition keywords makes it a  difficult to get blogs and websites ranked in Google first page.
  • Low  competition keywords:-Keywords that are searched in Google in small quantities,They are called low competition keywords,These are the keywords that contain very small amounts of competition,These keywords are used to bring a blog or website to the first page of Google.

  • High CPC (cost per click) keywords:-  Advertising companies spend more money by clicking on the advertisement published by Google on the blog written on such keywords called that high cpc (cost per click) keywords. For example :-

Here are the top  highest paid Adsense keywords for 2020.

  1. Insurance $54.91
  2. Loans         $44.28
  3. Mortgage $47.12
  4. Attorney $47.07
  5. Credit         $36.06
  6. Lawyer         $42.51
  7. Donate         $42.02
  8. Degree         $40.61
  9. Hosting         $31.91
  10. Claim         $45.51
  11. Conference Call $42.05
  12. Trading         $33.19
  13. Software $35.29
  14. Recovery $42.03
  15. Transfer $29.86
  16. Gas/Electicity $54.62
  17. Classes         $35.04
  18. Rehab         $33.59
  19. Treatment $37.18
  20. Cord Blood $27.80
We have learned about keywords, now where to find high CPC keywords for blogging ,There are many tools by which we can find keywords easily,Among the most commonly used tools, Google's tool is Keyword Planner,Google constantly updates data on which are the most searched keywords,This is why this keywords tool is most commonly used,Along with this, it is another tool which is mostly used ahrefs keyword planner, With the help of this tool, high CPC keywords can be found with great ease.

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