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Benefits of NCB (No Claim Bonus) in auto insurance || Auto Insurance || Behtreen Khabar

We all know how much insurance is required for our vehicles,Just as we insured our life, we also insured our vehicles.Be it a scooter or  Motor cycle or  Motor car , insurance is a must for all vehicles.We renew our vehicle insurance every year,But when we renew our vehicle insurance, the insurance company gives us some discount Bonus,It is called No Claim Bonus (NCB).But we get this bonus only if we do not claim some of our insurance,Do you know this bonus is not available in Some types of insurance?Let us know which Insurances we do not get this bonus ?
What is no claim bonus in motor insurance? motor insurance
What is no claim bonus in motor insurance?

What is no claim bonus (NCB) in Motor insurance?

When we insure our vehicles  after year, the insurance amount always increases,Because our vehicle becomes old in the policy of insurance, as the vehicle gets old then the insurance amount increases,But if we do not claim insurance in the year So the insurance companies give a No claim bonus as a relief to the owners of the vehicles.Today we are trying to understand ,what is no claim bonus (NCB ) in motot insurance ?.What is the benefit to the owners of vehicles with the help of this bonus?So let's try to find the answer to this questions ? .The (NCB) No claim bonus is called that discount Which insurance companies offer to their customers at an annual premium amount,But the condition of companies is that the owner of the car has not taken any claim in the last year. This rebate can be between 20 and 50 percent.

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