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how to write seo friendly content | How to make your content more SEO-friendly

How to write seo friendly content

SEO Friendly  Content is very important for your website to rank in Google,Those new bloggers did not know how to write seo friendly content,What happens many times is that we write posts very well but still can not rank our post in Google,Let me tell you some tips today, so that our posts will rank easily in Google,And we will also learn how to write seo friendly content .

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How to make your content more SEO-friendly

  1. Use headlines and sub-headers.
  2. Add links to previous content.
  3. Optimize the length of your article.
  4. Choose your keywords wisely.
  5. Optimize your images.
  6. Make the content shareable.
  7. Write high-quality content.

1.Use headlines and sub-headers :- Headlines are very important for you to rank Google for your posts,Google's search engine optimization works above the perception that whether the content you've inserted in the post you wrote is correctly headline or not,What do you have to tell about?,If you do not enter the headline then people will not understand what the article you wrote is about,According to the rules of Google search engine optimization, it is mandatory to have a headline and all the  sub-headers in the post you wrote.

  • Headlines
  • Sub-headers

Headlines :- The heading or title of a magazine or newspaper article. 

Sub-Headers :- A header that appears below another header and describes a subsection of its contents.

2.Add links to previous content :-It is very essential to have links inside the SEO Friendly Post,You can also put a link to the content of your first post inside your new post so that people who read your posts can also go to your old post through that post,Adding a link gives your post a very good ranking on Google.

How to add links on your Blogger post?:-For this, select which word you want to link above and click on the link above,In the text and display you want to name the link and write the URL of your first post in the web address?.

3.Optimize the length of your article:-The exact size of the post you wrote is very important,If you write too many long posts, people will not be able to read your post, so that they will not be able to access the content you put in that post,That's why you should already make sure that you try to explain a lot using less words.

4.Choose your keywords wisely:-You can use the same keywords to write your posts, which are the most searched keywords in Google,Because the keywords are very important,How often is its keyword found in Google?,What is the volume of his keywords?,What is the CPC of his keyword?,Make sure you do this already.

5.Optimize your images :-The images from which we also call thumbnails are important and it is the most important part of your written post,Whenever we try to find something in Google, we can read that article through whatever images we see,So it is very important that you put the same images in the post you wrote about which you wrote the entire post.

6.Make the content shareable:-People read the post you wrote,It is also shared by people,It gives you great traffic!,But if your post is not worth sharing then why will people share your post?,Therefore, you should try to write the same posts so that people can read and compel them to share on their social media account.

7.Write high-quality content:-It is very important to have high quality content in your post,Google's search engine optimization finds high quality content in your post,If your post does not have high quality content then Google will not show it in its search engine optimization,So put the highest quality content in your post.

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